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     Simple and solid is what I would consider my style. Not the sickest metal drummer out there but I’ve fused many influences into my style which seems to work for Crushpile. From the first Iron Maiden show I went to and AC/DC record I got, I thought hell yeh this is what I want to do. Starting off I got into the guitar only playing rhythm. I soon realized the rhythm section was what really hooked me. Hopping behind a friends drum kit instantly captivated me. As for many out there the cost of a drum set was enormous for a teen with a family with little money Fast forward to playing in a basement band “Stone Age” (Priest, Sabbath, Nugent days). In and out of projects now moving into the thrash-speed metal era. Continuing on and ending up in what Crushpile is today. The business is a bitch but my love for being in the creative process of writing and of course performing live has kept the lifestyle in my blood and I plan to keep it there as long as people are there to accept it.


Tama drums and hardware, Paiste, Ziljian Dip sticks, Evans Heads.


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