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“The other C word”.

   Formed in March 2001, The original lineup featuring Kenny, Jeff, Andy, Mike, and Goat released two albums and played hundreds of shows in support of the recordings throughout the northeastern US. These albums garnered regional success with the first self-titled effort being sold out within 8 months and the second,”457”, with a few guarded copies left . In 2002, the track 'Owning Up' was chosen out of thousands for the official theme song of No Holds Barred Wrestling talk show on 101.5 WPDH out of Poughkeepsie NY. With down to earth attitudes and non-existent egos (except for the on-stage fictional personas of frontman Kenny, who portrays schizophrenia and delusion during performances), the band has never turned down a show and is often found at the bar or in the parking lot partying with their fans. In 2006, Mike and Goat left the band to concentrate on other interests and were replaced by Tony on bass and Johnny on guitar; equally competent musicians and contributors. Crushpile continues to play shows in the area and announced in August 2009 that they would begin studio work again with the renowned Skylab Studios in September for their third record.  The new material is expected to be more aggressive yet won’t deviate much from the trademark style fans know and love.

Andy Jeff Kenny Tony Johnny O

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