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     Throughout his musical career Johnny O has been known for his aggressive playing style by pretty much just pounding his Les Pauls into oblivion.  For the past decade, Johnny O has been tearing up the tri-state area.  Most of the destruction started in about 98' with Patterson based band D.W.I.. After 6 years the band parted ways and John then formed Quarter Inch Fuse.  This Vernon based band was intense and short lived after two years of total chaos and pretty much self-destructed due to member differences. But now once again, Johnny O. is back and ready to terrorize as many innocent bystanders as he possibly can. Watch out because when he is on stage ANYTHING goes!  His influences range from the Misfits, Hatebreed, and E-town Concrete to name a few.


Gibson les pauls wired w/ EMGs

Marshall jcm 2000 tsl
Rocktron Hush
BBE Maximizer
Behringer parametric EQ
Korg DTR-1000 tuner
Shure wireless
Furman Power conditioner

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